Weird error on executing Java programs

Today, I had a weird error on executing a simple Java program (I have to confess that I didn’t use Java for some time ago :D). Suppose you got a file in which you just print the “Hello World!” message; after compiling that successfully, you want to execute it, but the compiler cry telling you that she can’t find or load the main class.

> java HelloWorld
> Error: no se ha encontrado o cargado la clase principal HelloWorld

What a weird error!!

First, I suppose that the class I have defined wasn’t Public, so I changed it as a Public Class, however it doesn’t work.

Then, after pondering it for a while, I thought of some path problem. I review carefully the path of the compiler, it was ok. Anyway I went to the root of the Java bin directory and recompile and rerun it again. mmmmm The problem stayed there. Then I said again “What a weird error”. :/

I don’t remember having these problems when I was learning Java. The only thing I remember was to avoid the .class extension of the compiled java file in order to execute it with the java command.

Finally the light came to me and I said: If she can’t find it, maybe she is finding it in the wrong place, so let’s give her a little more information of the environment. Then, I searched for some console arguments for setting the environment and I found the java -cp argument (ClassPath):

> java -cp . HelloWorld

And it worked.

In conclusion, personally I think that it was a weird error because I don’t remember having these problems before. And mainly and mostly because I think that the home directory of the file that someone is trying to execute must be the default directory of the classpath. So we don’t have to set -cp . argument.
Well, I don’t know if this error happened only to me, not sure whether it was the same before or since when it changed.


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