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Cabal: Manual Installation & Configuration

Today I wanted to spent some of my time installing and configuring Cabal; I recently installed the new version of GHC (7.6.1) for Archlinux, and cabal suggested me to update my cabal package from 1.10 to a newer version. But, … Continue reading

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Instalar wxHaskell 0.90 en Windows 7

Recientemente publicaron la versión 0.90 de wxHaskell(2da semana de Abril), la cual trabaja con wxWidgets 2.9.x, anteriormente trabajaba con la versión 2.8. Desde entonces, he estado con cierto interés en probar las nuevas características. Bueno, instalar wxHaskell en linux es relativamente sencillo (aquí Antonio muestra … Continue reading

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Prime number generator

Someone ask for a function that generates the prime numbers between two limits [1 and N given by the user], but he forgot to specify the time execution. I write this first function in haskell: The input to try is … Continue reading

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